Friday, May 23, 2014

Gallery Nucleus: Adventure Awaits!

I was in China not too long ago. It felt like months even though it was only three weeks. I visited family and explored the Yunnan Province. This part of China sits at the center of the Golden Triangle, which is a lucrative trade relationship between its neighboring countries, Laos, Burma and Thailand. We started in Kunming and stayed on the Yunnan-Tibet Road, which of course, is a path that links China to Tibet. Our furthest destination was the devastatingly beautiful Shangri-La. This trip made a lasting impression on me in ways I can't even begin to describe. Strangely, it's easier to explain in Chinese. China seems to be a place of enormous contradictions. Such beauty and history, yet great economic disparity and destruction. Lots of destruction and constant building. 

When I got back, Gallery Nucleus asked me to be apart of their travel themed show, Adventure Awaits! It was just the perfect opportunity to reflect on my trip artistically. I'm so happy to have my work hung up by some pretty badass illustrators. The opening night is tomorrow, 5/24, so if you're in LA, check it out! The following two pieces are in the show. 

The entrance to Shangri-La. We needed oxygen tanks to get up here. I experienced a tiny bit of altitude sickness. If the climate weren't so harsh, I would totally live here. It's also a Buddhist temple, so I guess I'd also have to become a monk.

This is a piece I did for my Xanadu project several months ago that I forgot to post.

More to come!