Friday, March 21, 2014

Peabody & Sherman

Three years ago, straight out of school, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to work on Peabody and Sherman. Not only did I love the aesthetic of Jay Ward and the premise of a genius dog and his pet boy, I had the chance to work with a team of tremendous talent. The array of places in time periods and richness in Peabody's world as a result of the WABAC (time traveling machine) made this show particularly fun to work on. The art team was led by our production designer, David James and the amazing Tim Lamb, our art director.

I'm happy to say that I have grown hugely as an artist, over the course of this film. The following is a body of selected works from my time on Peabody and Sherman.
All images are property of DreamWorks Animation.

Sherman's first day of school. My favorite piece out of all my work on this film was the classroom painting. I blocked out the school in Maya and finished it in Photoshop. I referred to the look of Dead Poet Society and Bottlerocket for their depiction of East coast private schools. The brighter colors in these pieces expressed the optimistic tone of Sherman's first day. When he interacts with his peers, the stark palette suggests that he doesn't quite fit in with everyone, his difference being that his dad is a dog.

Sherman's room. This was one of my first polished pieces on the show. The concept was that his room was the only place in Peabody's penthouse that looked chaotic. It follows an earlier idea that Sherman could act more like a dog than Peabody. Therefore, his room would be a reflection of that character trait.

Being a genius who has everything, Peabody's only fear is to loose his son, Sherman. Although it never made the final cut, he has dreams about this. The paintings above were for a nightmare sequence. In his subconscious, Sherman was often depicted as a flower.

The hors d'oeuvres and table arrangements for the Peterson's family dinner.

The French Revolution, Versailles, France.

The Renaissance, Florence, Italy. 

The Trojan Horse, Ancient Greece.

Some early visual development set in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and Columbus in the Baffin Islands.

Historical figures. One of the coolest things about this film was that different time periods meant vastly different characters. The look of all the characters were based on Jay Ward's world. We worked in the elegantly cartoony style of Joe Moshier.
I was fortunate enough to work on some characters. In the order of placement: Benjamin Franklin, Lincoln, Einstein, Isaac Newton, Montezuma, Sacajawea, Queen Victoria, Shakespeare, Spartacus, Susan B. Anthony and lastly, Sherman's transformation when his cosmic double collides.

Check out the Art of Peabody and Sherman to see more work from our team. Go watch Peabody and Sherman in theaters if you haven't already! You will be dazzled. 


Unknown said...

Great work!!! Just amazing. Color palette of each of them is beautiful. Thank you for sharing them with us.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work. thanks for sharing.:)

Jeff Maka Merghart said...

Outstanding work!!!!! Cant wait to see the movie! Congratulations!! :)

Alice Wong said...

Yay! Your first movie, Congrats Priscilla!!! SO GOOD!!! OMG!!!

Christina Yang said...

Really love your playful designs and color palettes! > < *Faints*

Kayla Rimes said...

These are so beautiful! Congratulations on your first film and thanks for sharing! :)

Wendell Dalit said...

Thanks for sharing Priscilla. These are amazing!

Matt Jones said...

Sensational work Priscilla-

Anonymous said...

That's pretty stunning. Beautiful inspiring work.


Tegan Clancy said...

Just love these! The sunset piece in Florence makes me remember my holiday in Italy, just gorgeous

Anonymous said...

Awesome pics again
Keep it up
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