Friday, January 31, 2014

Spain & Peabody

Happy New Year!This update is a little late, but here it is. Here's a piece I did after my trip in Spain. What an incredible place, with a wealth beauty and history! We had a great time sketching and meeting the locals with the help of our generous hosts. 

Spent a rainy Christmas in the medieval city of Toledo. 
The city was a labyrinth of cobblestones and cathedrals. We seriously felt like little hobbits walking up to this place.

Stayed in Madrid for a few days with Miguel. This is the glass palace in the center of the national park. 
In the past, it displayed exotic fauna and flora from the Philippines for the queen of Spain.

Granada was our favorite place in the trip. The Alhambra is the stunning palace fortress of the city.

View of Albaycin, the muslim quarters from the Alhambra.

One of the loveliest part of Granada was Sacromonte, the gypsy part of town. 
It's filled with distinctive cave homes created by moors and gypsies as a result of Catholic conquest.  

Also, here's what I've been working on since I graduated from college @_@ 
I'm so excited that it's finally coming out! On March 7, go watch Peabody and Sherman!

That's all for now. More soon :)