Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Can't wait for warmer weather and longer days!

Merita in the Canadian Rockies.

 A painting I made from my Napa trip.

Goro Fujita is a GOD!!! He taught me how to play with parallax in my paintings. The biker girl is our
first shot with a more texture heavy image. The pool piece is my second go at parallax and submission for last month's Travisty's Beard. Thank you so much GORO, you are incredible!

Gifs only seem to work at tiny resolutions, so here's a higher res of the biker.

Trip to Joshua Tree. What an amazing place.

My painting from Joshua Tree. Definitely did not have enough time there.

I'm sewing again! I used to make jackets, blouses and dresses, but decided to abandon my hobby to focus on vis dev in college. However, working life is different. So, the Singer has been dusted! Here's an ensemble of three pieces I made for an upcoming gallery--a portrait, a dress and a locket--based on one of my favorite characters.
I made a gouache slinger with some left over lambskin. Makes it super easy to whip out my paints when I'm on location.
I live in an industrial area where there are many deep Muni rails and sharp bits on the ground. So flats and accidents are not uncommon (more on that later.) In addition to safety checks, I like to give my bike a pimp pass once in a while...the details matter.
I made a silver leather tool pouch with saddle straps. It's lined with lovely liberty fabric! 

Oh Devendra, you're knee buckling...


Lastly, I will be at Wondercon this year. More updates soon!