Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tom Waits

I draw alot of inspiration from music and can't work without it. 

One of my favorites is Tom Waits. I absolutely LOVE his music and can listen all day. If you're not familiar with his sound, he's a bit abrasive and velvety at the same time. I love it because it's music that makes you really uncomfortable and ache on the inside...but in a great much that it compels me draw alot! And when I listen, it's like wow, his struggles are my struggles...if only I could draw the lines that sound like his songs!!! 

My favorite Waits. He is magical.

1. Bad as me / Bad as me
2. Young at heart / Orphans
3. Alice / Alice
4. Tango till they're sore / Rain dogs
5. Way down in the Hole (Kronos Quartet) / Healing the Divide

A painting I did for a sketch challenge, which was "Dragon Tamer."

Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekend sketching

Today was extraordinarily fun! I went sketching with Matt Jones, Jason SG, Rad, Carlos Leon, Trevor Jimenez, Kristen Lester and a few of Rad's students. We started in Hayes Valley and migrated to the Haight. Have also been sketching more on my own time. So far so good on my New Years resos.

Some more girls on bikes.

A painting of Ivan, based on the sketches I made last time. I hope this does his trendiness justice.

Here are some pics I grabbed from Rad's instagram of today's MLK sketch fun.

Matt making sweet drawings with pen and ink.

Majestic house on Alamo Sq.

Experimenting with neon gouache and painting with instagram shades. 

A few of my sketches from today.

Plenaire painting with Fred.

A piece I made for an upcoming Pokemon gallery. I got 'Tentacool.'

And after instagramming so much, it reminded me of this video. Haha...

What a lovely weekend.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy New Year!

There have been so many changes in the last year!

I'm a year and a half into 'Peabody and Sherman' at Dreamworks Animation. I am so humbled by the talent of the crew and lucky to be under the leadership of Mr. Lamb and David James. I moved and our studio moved to a new building. I was in THREE car accidents (biking and twice as a passenger) and survived without a scratch. I went to Italy and was almost detained for wandering off into a restricted area in the airport in pursuit of delicious pastries. I exhibited in CTN for the first time. It was my first experience selling prints and publishing a book with my friends/co-workers. 

I also had original pieces featured in the Gallery Nucleus: Cover to Cover show. Hopscotch, a collaboration sketchbook with Lindsey Olivares, Floriane Marchix and Stevie Lewis can also available at Gallery Nucleus, here.

I feel so lucky to have made so many new friends and met such incredible artists.

I have many new year resolutions, one of which involves sketching more. Other big ones are to finally get my driver's license and moto license. I'd love to hear anyone's expertise on motorcycles. Here are my latest drawings. More exciting projects to come!

There's nothing I love more than girls on bikes.

Ivan, one of my new trendy friends and great background painter.

Rad, my new shopping buddy, who as it turns pretty rad.

And I also started an inspiration Tumblr!

Later, players.