Sunday, August 28, 2011

Summer Sketches

I've been keeping two sketchbooks this summer.

It's been a mix of painting, drawing and scrapbooking.

I collect framed insects and small taxidermy and decided to study my Mantis.

I like this spread because a very unhappy 'Wilfred' looks like he's shaming me, "Really? You stuck me here amongst these shitty drawings?" I did it for fun for my Art Director, Tim Lamb.

TimmyTom! My talented art director who I am learning so much from! So awesome he's tearing me a new one :D He currently had pink eye while spewing good advice, so I decided to draw him.

A sideshow act in the Barnaby at Outsidelands--lovely lady on a ten foot unicycle.

My new good friend, Francesco, who I sketch with in the city. He thinks I'm a monster :)

After moving back home, there was crazy mix of turmoil and inspiration. I was cleaning and discovered an old family photo. If it's not obvious, I'm the badass with the pink plastic cake that doubles as a keyboard.

Sound at the moment: Malvina Reynolds - Whats Goin' on Down There