Wednesday, January 26, 2011

sketchy summer

These are sketchbooks from 2010. I took some with me to Kansas City and New York. They feel like past lives now.

I enjoyed how I wasn't worried so much about make them technically accurate, but rather letting the shapes and colors of the moment lead design.

quick sketch

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Monday, January 24, 2011


These are revisions for the Part Time Indian Project. I got great feedback from Jake Panian and Zac Elsworth. There were awesome suggestions push some designs farther, but I decided it would fit better for my next project. Thanks guys!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Cinequest Film Festival Spot

For the past few weeks, I had the chance to work on a short film/commercial spot for Cinequest Film Festival directed by David Chai. It was really fun working in a team again and good experience for 2d pipeline production.

The first few images are concept work I designed inspired by UPA style short films. It was a challenge creating character ideations because they had to be general people from the bay area as opposed to a specific person with key characteristics. It was completely different from the way I'm used to working. Working in the UPA style was also incredibly fun! I experimented with breaking the rules--purposeful tangents, line/shape, texture...limiting my visual vocabulary to only a specific set of motifs and shapes.

We had a small team and very little time for turn arounds, so I was responsible for some of the backgrounds, while working with Kimberly Knoll, Wilbur Liang and Christine Nguyen. The animators designed the characters and the last images are color styling specific to the lighting of my scenes.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

old BFG work

This was a group project assigned in Nino Navarez's class a year ago that taught me so much. There are definitely tons of mistakes in lighting and design. But I'm still very fond of the concepts behind our work. It would not have been possible without the collaboration of my awesome team mates, Fred Stewart, Alice Wong, Wilbur Liang.
I designed the BFG and his prop like things.
Fred Stewart, brilliant artist, designed all the mean giants.Wilbur designed the human characters except for Sophie, and Fred painted over them.
Alice designed Sophie, her various dos and frocks.

I designed the environment for Sophie's orphanage.
Fred was responsible for Giant Country, the story moment of BFG's visit as well as our version of the flesh-like snozzcumbers.
I had initially turned in a different story moment of the BFG fighting the other giants, but I wasn't happy with it. So I scrapped it and quick painted this and somehow never finished it.
Alice designed the dining room of the Queen's palace. I don't think I have a finished version of it.
I think this was supposed to be Wilbur's story moment. The BFG is savoring his first taste of human food. I was greedy and painted a version for myself.