Thursday, March 6, 2014

Qpop: Sailor Moon & Peabody

Sailor Moon was my favorite show as a kid. I collected stacks of Sailor Moon cards and owned the Moon Wand and Cyrstal Star Locket. So when Qpop asked for a contribution to their show, Magical Girl Heroines, Sailor Moon and Sailor Senshi, I said HECK YEA. Check it out on April 5th!

Me and my brother. The sweatshirt and meatballs were my uniform. At age 8, It was a epitome of style as far I as I was concerned.

And one day left in the countdown. Go check out Peabody and Sherman!


philip vose said...

Priscilla, it was nice meeting you today at the studio! and your work is quite lovely as well I should mention! show me a picture of your friend Tuan and perhaps I will recognize him haha :-] see ya around.

Lewis Leong said...

That childhood photo is the best thing ever. So '90s.