Saturday, November 24, 2012

update + Etsy!

Hi Everyone!

CTN was so much fun! Love meeting so many other talented artists and students there. I was also super excited to see so many SHM faces, keep firing it up! Much love to Stevie, Lindsey and Floriane who I shared tables with--you ladies are the best. And great thanks to everyone who dropped by to see us! Here are some pictures of our booth :)

Lastly, my Etsy store is finally up. My prints are available and 'Hopscotch' can be picked up there, or Gallery Nucleus and Stuart NG. 

Here's the link to the online store:

Happy Holidays!


Chris Powell said...

Looks like you had a great experience over there!

Austin Reinkens said...

great cookies girls! it was great to meet you!

Kristy Kay said...

I hope you girls had fun! Your table was super cute! Thanks so much for giving me helpful feedback on my portfolio :)

Jonathan R Apilado said...

Thank you so much for the great experience, and you guys are so cool! ^^

Jake Panian said...

hey priskillah!
I'm sad I missed you out there... Congrats to you and your buddies- beautiful stuff!!

Priscilla Wong said...

Thank you! It was great meeting everyone too. That was the best part about this event :)