Tuesday, April 19, 2011

out with the old, in with the new

Here are the last images for the Beehive project and some sketches for my new project. For Beehives, I'm most satisfied with the transformation sequences in which Eligio goes from monster to man, and Cinzia's bee attack. In Calvino's story, Cinzia is actually raped and murdered......SO I enjoyed the challenge of reinterpreting that violence into something more abstract as an attack from bees.

I do wish I could go back and solidify the style of lighting I was going for. I think harder edged lighting/shadows would have complimented this world more. The space for the environments and organic shapes on Eligio's back also could have been better figured out. Since all of the weaknesses have to do with design, for my next project I am working with pure design.

This new project is instructed by Joel Fajnar, an art director from Nickelodeon, who gave us the option of designing a wolf in sheep's clothing or a male rhino in women's clothing.

My story about a wolf in sheep's clothing, set in India with a Bollywood cabaret twist. She is a courtesan who charms and seduces her way through a flock of sheep to the maharajah ram. She holds back her appetite for the flock because she has a craving for male sheep--she is a ram eater. Meanwhile, her target ram is a self absorbed womanizer who abuses the female sheep in his flock. In the end, my wolf devours the ram and frees the female sheep because this story is ALL ABOUT STRONG WOMEN!

Currently, I am required to cater my designs towards 2d animation. However, I'd like to make it compatible for both 2d and 3d without sacrificing any interest or integrity in design. I was told my designs were too complicated to animate by hand, so I'll be refining and simplifying. I am referencing Hirschfeld and Hindu art.


Danny Men said...

YEAH! Go Hirschfeld and strong female leads that eat rams!

Priscilla Wong said...

hahaha! Thanks Danny!

Krystine F. said...

hooooly moly. awesome work. also i really really reeeally love that drawing in the third image, center top... reminds me of a glamorous classic hollywood actress, like ... joan crawford, or something.

(also hi priscilla)

Priscilla Wong said...

Hi Krystine! Thanks for the comments! I was going for femme fatale glamor :)

martin said...

Awesome work Priscilla! Careful when you add those lighting effects. Yer starting to wash out your image a bit. Remeber light has form as well, especially in the style yer working in. Check out some of this art it could give you a better idea about how to approach those glow effects yer trying to achieve:


These are two of my buddies from back east, yer stuff is following a similar path as them in terms of technique.

Thanks again for sharing :) keep steppin up that game! :D

Priscilla Wong said...

Wow! Very awesome stuff! I will definitely watch out for that as work on these. Thanks for sharing and critting me on air today Martin! It's a pleasure! :)


castlewon said...

(rather in awe)

B@L@'S said...

this is amazing art work..... captivated colors...