Friday, March 4, 2011

Last bit of Zeitoun

Zeitoun is a project about a Syrian man who survives Hurricane Katrina and ends up rescuing people on a canoe. He is unjustly arrested as a terrorist in the story and has a past out at sea. Since race is a running theme in the story, I decided to address it literally by assigning people different colors. Zeitoun describes a close connection between his people and the ocean, so I decided to make him blue. I also thought it'd be interesting if his wife was pink and together, they had purple children.

This is the last bit of work I created for this project. There are mistakes to fix in every piece, but I will take what I learned and pay attention to it in my next project. I feel as though this project started out much stronger and stopped progressing when I caught a nasty long fever a week ago. Time doesn't wait and I'm ready to jump into the next project!

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